Boeing 787 Dreamliner Makes First Flight [video]

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Boeing Co.’s highly anticipated new 787 Dreamliner set to make its first flight today, after passing all of its functional tests it has been cleared for its maiden voyage–almost two an a half years later.  Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is pegged as the new wave of travel; promising to be one of the worlds most fuel efficient planes.  It is made of carbon and titanium, reducing fuel consumption as well as maintenance costs.  The 787s first flight is set to last four hours, while the two pilots examine how it operates.  Seeing if the airplane flies like it is supposed to, under normal circumstances.

The aim of the Boeing 787 is to be able to fly long distances without stopping to refuel–a revolutionary process which will reshape aviation.  Howard Wheeldon, a transport analysis for BGC partners told BBC News, “This is an aircraft that changes the whole basis of flying, because of the equipment on board,” he said. “In terms of the cost of operation this is an 80% composite material aircraft, with 35 tonnes of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, so it is a light aircraft – which means it burns less fuel.”

Boeing’s rival Airbus also has a lightweight aircraft in development; it’s plane will be made up primarily of carbon-composite materials.

After the 787 Dreamliners first flight one of the six aircrafts will be in the air for the next nine months, in order to do continuous testing.  It must be proven, then proven again–to make sure this is something that can be used commonly.

Watch the Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s first flight:


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