Bollywood Actress Laila Khan and Family Found Murdered

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A real Bollywood mystery has been solved after the skeletal remains of movie star Laila Khan were found, along with five other family members, at the bottom of a pit behind the family farmhouse in Mumbai.

Local police have arrested the movie star’s stepfather, Pervaiz Ahmed Tak, who has reportedly admitted to the murders after an argument in February, 2011, caused him to erupt in a jealous rage, murdering Khan’s mother.

The man, believed to be Saleena Patel’s third husband, reacted violently when his wife praised a former husband, Asif Sheikh. After murdering his wife, Tak decided to kill the rest of the family members because they’d witnessed the bloody act.

After murdering Laila Khan, her three sisters, and a brother, Tak disposed of their bodies in a pit behind the farmhouse.

He fled, with the aid of accomplices to the Jammu region in the north of India.

It was there that police found an SUV belonging to the movie star earlier this week. Confronted with the evidence, Tak confessed to the murders and led police to the scene.

The actress is best known for her starring role in the 2008 Bollywood film Wafa: A Deadly Love Story.

The news comes after more than a year of speculation since Khan and her family went missing in February, 2011. But it seems police either did not follow up on some obvious leads. How could such a grisly scene be missed?

More details to follow as they emerge.

Stay tuned.

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