Bollywood Actress Meenakshi Thapar Kidnapped, Beheaded by Costars

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Young Bollywood actress Meenakshi Thapar was kidnapped and beheaded by her costars. One of the terrible things about her death is that she met the killers when she did the horror film called 404.

Bollywood Actress Meenakshi Thapar Kidnapped, Beheaded by Co-StarsAmit Jaiswal, 36, and his lover Preeti Surin tried to get 1,500,000 Rupees for Meenakshi Thapar, but ultimately, they chose to murder her on the set of her latest film Heroine. Now fans will certainly want to see her final film, but there is no word on if enough of it was filmed to make the full movie. Would you watch it if it is released?

The reason the two decided to kidnap the young Bollywood actress is because they heard her discuss her family’s status and wealth, so they decided maybe they could get a quick buck from them. They lured her on a trip to Gorakhpur where they ended up kidnapping her and trying to extort money from her family.

Amazingly, Thapar’s mother paid 60,000 Rupees, but that was far short of the 1,500,000 Rupees they demanded. Shortly after the payment they decided to kill the actress.

Her death seems to have been quite violent. She was strangled to death and then beheaded. The killers dumped her body in separate locations. They actually threw her head out the window of the bus they rode back to Mumbai, which is incredibly disgusting.

When Jaiswal and Surin were caught, they confessed to the murder. What a horrible ending for this talented actress. It is terrible that her killers were so jealous of her family’s wealth that they ended up taking her life over it. What a waste. At least they will not be able to do something like this again.

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