Bollywood Actress & Suspected Terrorist Laila Khan May Still be Alive

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The stepfather of Laila Khan, the Bollywood actress of Pakistani origin (and suspected terrorist accomplice), is claiming that the starlet is in fact still alive.

Laila and her family, including her mother Celina, went missing from their Mumbai apartment in February of 2011. Cell phone records traced her to a family farmhouse in Nashik, which went up in flames shortly after. Several months later, her SUV was spotted in Kishtwar at a shop owned by her stepfather, Pervez Tak. Tak is accused of murdering the starlet, though he has claimed that she was gunned down, along with her family, by Asif Sheikh (Celina’s second husband) and Laila Khan’s lover, Afghan Khan.

Tak is under investigation and has today changed his story yet again, saying now that Laila is still alive. But Mumbai police officer Himanshu Roy isn’t swayed by Tak’s tales.

He has been constantly changing his statements to Jammu police, so we cannot rely on him. Until we interrogate him, it will be difficult to even assume the family has been killed.

The interest in Laila’s case is understandable—the lives of even the most insignificant of film stars are followed with great curiosity. Laila is also linked with one of South Asia’s most dangerous terrorist organizations, Lashkar-e-Taiba. Her SUV was used to carry bomb explosives used in the September 2011 bombing of the Delhi High Court.

To be quite honest, it’s be wonderful if Laila is still alive—so that she can be arrested.

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