Bombshell McGee Makes Bi Sex Tape

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Remember Michelle “Bombshell” McGee? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Well she’s baa-ack, and this time she has a sex tape. Yikes.

Yes, even though the world has tried hard to forget about Jesse James’ first known mistress, she keeps popping back up. And now, a sex tape has surfaced with her. McGee’s sex tape reportedly features 2 separate sexual encounters– “one with a tatted-up man … and one with a tatted-up woman.” Both episodes were allegedly shot within the past year. The tape is now the property of the rather unimaginatively named porn company, Red Light District. Red Light District is the company that produced 1 Night in Paris which starred former reality star Paris Hilton. Red Light District will release Bombshell McGee’s opus early next year.

According to TMZ, “there’s…more Bombshell sex footage floating around, but it’s so extreme” that Red Light District may refuse to release it for “legal reasons.”

Yikes. Wonder if that extreme footage has anything to do with someone whose initials are J.J.? So far, Bombshell has declined to comment on her soon-to-be released sex tape or the extreme mystery footage.

Stay tuned.

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