Bonanza Star Pernell Roberts Died

  Pernell Roberts died was the last of the Bonaza men to die.  He was 81.  He was the oldest of the Cartwright brothers on the show, “Bonanza.”  All four of the men died of some cancer.  Michael Landon died of stomach cancer.  Dan Blocker died of Lung cancer, and now, Pernell Roberts died of pancreatic cancer. Loren Greene died of prostate cancer.  It is believed that where they filmed Bonanza, Nevada, may have been radio active.  I wonder about the film crew.  It would be interesting to do a study.  Pernell Roberts left the show after five years.  He felt he shouldn’t be a “good” boy and listen to his Pa.  Mistake.  The show went on for many years after he left, but he didn’t fair as well as the show did.  He had a short lived series as “Trapper John, M.D.”  It was a dismal failure. 
Pernell Roberts was a good looking man who died later, and my theory is he died later as the rest died young, because he did leave the show.  In the end, it may have saved his life, but it did not save his career.

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