‘Bones’ Flees Murder Charge in Season Finale

The season finale of Bones left fans less than satisfied. Brennan flees a pending murder charge, while Booth faces a bomb at home. The Jeffersonian crew is facing another chilling enemy.

Palant is a genius who can manipulate just about any form of technology. He slipped through Booth’s fingers earlier in the season. The FBI agent couldn’t prove murder, but got him on another charge. Now he’s up for parole.

The district attorney manages to finesse the parole board into reviewing their files before releasing Palant. However, that angered the psychotic killer, setting into motion a stunning series of events.

Behind Booth’s back Brennan’s been conferring with an institutionalized friend of hers — Ethan Sawyer. She believes he’s smarter than Palant.

She admits her mistake after she and Booth investigate a new murder. It involves a man whose been eaten by wolves. Temperance recognizes Sawyer’s body.

Brennan’s team discovers that Sawyer was alive at the time of the wolf attack. Poison held him paralyzed. Intern Wendell Bray and Camille find the tip of a needle imbedded in a bone and wonder how Temperance missed it. Cam also finds bone cuts that correspond with various veins. They caused the victim’s blood flow and enticed the wolves to feed.

The clues implicate Temperance in the murder, especially after a doctored video shows her leaving Sawyer’s institution just before his death. There’s also an audio tape of him calling Christine a demon child; offering her motive for murder.

When the poison’s identified, it leads to Temperance as well. It came from a plant Hodgins gave her for research.

Camille reports everything to the police. Consequently, Temperance gets kicked off the case and sent home.

Things get worse after Booth receives a call from Bones claiming she’s been captured by Palant. He goes bursting into the villain’s house and begins beating the man and tearing the place apart. But it was all a set-up. He also gets kicked off the case.

Agent Flynn takes over the case. Sadly, he seems intent in proving that Temperance committed the murder. When Sweets tries to defend Brennan, he gets released from the case as well.

The last straw occurs when a large sum of money suddenly appears in the D.A.’s account. Now she’s a suspect too.

Angela tries to find a solution. She hacks into Palant’s cable, credit card and library bills to view his activity. When she suspects the library books he checked hold a clue, she checks the same ones out.

One leads back to Sawyer’s institution room, where Hodgins and Camille find something written on the wall in Sawyer’s saliva. The problem is, no one can figure out what it means.

A search warrant gets issued for Booth’s and Brennan’s home and vehicle. In the car trunk they find strands of Sawyer’s hair. Now they have enough to arrest Temperance.

With her arrest imminent, Brennan’s father suggests she make a run for it. However, Booth disagrees. He wants to stay behind and fight. Temperance pretends to agree as well. They decide to baptize Christine before she’s arrested.

After the baptism, Bones tells Booth she loves him. When goes to get their car, Max arrives with another vehicle. Temperance and Christine get in and drive away. Booth sees her leave, but cannot catch her time.

Back in their home, Palant has replaced Booth’s alarm clock with a bomb. The lives of both Booth and Brennan suddenly rest in the hands of a psychotic killer.

Who will win? Viewers must wait until the fall to get their answer.

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