‘Bones’ Goes Hollywood and Finds a Dead Body on Set

This week Bones and Booth went to Hollywood to see the making of Brennan’s book into a movie. However, filming stopped abruptly once a dead body turned up on the set.

Things weren’t going well to begin with. Temperance was upset over the changes made between her book and the movie script. She hated it when the stars mispronounced medical jargon.

Booth tried calming his partner down, explaining how thinks work in Tinsel Town, but after a real dead body shows up on set, she calls a halt to production. Then, she convinces the studio vice president to let her and Booth solve the murder, saying it would be great publicity for the film.

Luckily a former colleague of Temperance’s is already on set, acting as technical advisor. He and the actor portraying Hodgins help her with the investigation.

Hodgins’ portrayer helps Brennan name the leaves found on the victim’s body. However, he has a strange reaction to Camille after seeing her via satellite. Later he tells Hodgins he once did a film called Invasion of the Mother Suckers. Camille was one of the stars. That knowledge on hand, Hodgins and Angela search for a copy of the film.

After Brennan sends skull specs to Angela, she does a facial reconstruction. It reveals victim’s identity. He’s the head of the studio.

Bones and company find multiple fractures on the body including one on the forehead. She determines the body got run over, pitching the victim forward on to something brass, which struck his forehead.

Meanwhile, Booth starts questioning suspects, beginning with the victim’s assistant. But that lead doesn’t pan out so he moves on to the movie’s lead actor and actress. The actress looks promising when it’s discovered she was sleeping with the studio head. But neither actor seems a likely candidate.

Once Angela finds a phone call on the victim’s phone implicating the script writer, Booth’s focus turns his way. He looks guilty because he’s working on a project called “The Perfect Murder”. However, he proves unlikely given the money he stood to make from the victim.

Fragments of leaves found on the victim’s body offer the team another clue. Identifying that the car hitting the victim was small, with a tight turning radius is another. With those new clues, Booth and Brennan moved forward.

Using the studio groundskeeper, Brennan tracks down where the applicable foliage is found on the studio lot. Eyes turn quickly to the studio VP when foliage is found on the undercarriage of her mini car. However, it doesn’t match what was found on the victim’s body.

Focus then turns to the film director who drove an MG. He has a brass sprinkler outside of his bungalow. It’s covered in the victim’s blood. Add to that the fact he’s sleeping with the same actress as the victim and he appears guilty. Sadly, he’s not.

When the victim’s private phone is found it has video of the director and actress having sex. Going to her trailer, Brennan notices that one of the grounds keeper’s elaborate animal bushes has been re-grafted. Quick analysis of it proves that its leaves match those found on the victim.

When the grounds keeper drives up in a studio cart, Bones puts two and two together. Looking underneath the cart, she finds blood. They have their murderer. The grounds keeper explains she did it because the man destroyed her hard work. It was a form of revenge.

When Booth and Brennan return home, the Jeffersonian gang gathers to watch Camille’s movie, Invasion of the Mother Suckers. The episode ends in laughter and camaraderie.

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