‘Bones’ Hits A Bump in the Road

Bones got back into full swing this week to solve “The Bump in the Road”. It all begins with a family off to go camping. While they squabble over whether a vacation in the woods will be fun, they hit something on the road. The bump sends everything flying off the top of the car. When they stop to pick it up, they discover pieces of a human body.

The team from the Jeffersonian gets called in to investigate. However, not before Temperance worries about leaving her newborn daughter in daycare. Booth eventually convinces her Christine will be fine. But to make sure, Tempy requests an updated picture of the baby every half hour.

Once the body gets scraped off the pavement and returned to the Jeffersonian, the team starts figuring out what happened. It’s intern, Finn Abernathy, who concludes the body got caught on the bottom of a vehicle and dragged down the road. He’s even able to deduce the vehicle was a semi.

At the FBI, Booth’s helper, Agent Shaw tells him there was a scale for the weigh station near where the body got uncovered. By checking the truck’s weight they can decide which truck was the involved. It’s a truck from Fields Market.

Back at the lab, Hodgins and Angela uncover pieces of paper in the victim’s pockets as well as her bra. They check them and discover they are coupons.

It doesn’t take Booth long to track down the truck involved in the accident. A quick review underneath its carriage uncovers the rest of the victim, including her head. With it the team is able to put a name to the body.

Booth and Bones go to Fields Market to question the manager. He tells them the victim was an extreme couponer. While there, they see a cashier get into a fight with another couponer and wonder if she’s responsible for the death. However, that lead doesn’t pan out.

In the meantime, Sweets and Angela follow the coupon clue and track down the victim’s rival — the deal diva. She gets taken into custody to see if coupons were worth killing for. They weren’t. She didn’t do the deed either.

New clues come to light, however, when it’s discovered that the victim’s husband rang up a huge credit card bill. While his wife was out couponing, he was having dinner at fancy restaurants with various women. Still, while guilty of cheating, he’s cleared as a murder suspect.

Finn then finds a strange purple mark on the victim’s reconstructed skull. Tempy knows where it came from. She grabs Booth and hurries back to Fields Market. She remembers seeing the store manager using a purple marker to void coupons. He also holds a clipboard that is proven the murder weapon.

The manager admits hitting the victim, but says he didn’t kill her. Tempy tells him in a way he did, because he made her hide underneath the semi that killed her.

In a side story, Finn becomes infatuated with Camille’s daughter, Michelle after meeting her in the lab. He asks her out to a bluegrass concert. They have a wonderful time and plan on a weekend excursion.

Sadly, Camille doesn’t approve. She’s aware of Finn’s past and she’s not certain she wants her daughter dating him. He understands and agrees to stop seeing Michelle, which breaks the girl’s heart. Seeing that, he takes it back and tells Camille he can’t hurt her daughter that way. She ends up giving the duo her blessing to date.

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