‘Bones’ Panel at Comic-Con 2012: More Pelant, Washing Machines, and the Show’s Future

The Bones panel took over Ballroom 20 at San Diego Comic-Con Friday afternoon, with a panel featuring series stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz and executive producer Stephen Nathan. Gather.com was on hand at the panel and below, you can find some teasers about season 8.

Stephen Nathan, Emily Deschanel, and David Boreanaz during the SDCC panel.The panel began with a clip reel (which you can see below). It started with the end of the season 7 finale before moving into season 7 highlights and then new scenes from season 8, including a look at the male squinterns working together, a new woman in Sweets’ life, and a funeral.

The first point that was brought up was the fact that viewers never got the chance to see the bedroom scene, and Boreanaz said, “We may see a bit of that this season,” and later added, “I think less is more,” while Deschanel teased there are “more Bones babies to be made.” However, that didn’t stop Boreanaz from adding, “I pushed the whole washing machine thing. …I wanted to just put you up on the washing machine and go at it,” he told Deschanel. The two actors did agree it was handled the right way. Meanwhile, Nathan pointed out they had six seasons of the “will they or won’t they” and they were lucky to find “a way to avoid” the Moonlighting curse “because of Emily’s condition.” They didn’t want them to be one of those lovey-dovey couples you’d hate to have dinner with. In fact, Nathan later went on to say that he thinks “it was a way of heightening the tension” to have them jumping right into having a baby together. Regarding that, Deschanel added, “It’s the same relationship, but the stakes are higher.”

When Bones season 8 begins, Booth and Brennan will have been separated for three months, and everyone will be “thwarted at every move” in their attempts to get Brennan back home where she belongs. Where Brennan has been is “a big reveal,” and right now, she’s depending on her father, Max, to essentially give her that exact life she hated that he led. But she has no other choice with Pelant out there. Speaking of Max, Ryan O’Neal is going to be in the season 8 premiere, and Nathan wants to see him continue to keep returning: “It was a big deal for Brennan to go on the run with her father,” but “she had to go off the grid.” However, “Brennan’s going to come back soon,” Nathan confirmed. Could it really happen any other way? Of course not.

Pelant will be back, and they’ll once again have to deal with the fact that he’s always one step ahead and turning the tables on this team. Stephen Nathan did tease, “We’ll see it start again in the first episode, and Pelant will stay with us through season 8,” which is going to be darker than previous ones. That’s because Pelant is that “cloud that hangs over their heads.” Part of the “darker” outlook of the season will include everyone dealing with figuring out how to “put the pieces back together” after the season finale “blew [all the happiness from before it] apart.” With Pelant “a major force throughout season 8″ and returning “in ways we don’t expect,” it’s going to be a season full of trying to keep things together.

With the show going into its eighth season, there are some storylines that have yet to be fully explored, but they will be delving into some of those, including Booth’s mother. Speaking of the show’s eighth season, there had been some speculation this could be the last, all because of a tweet about a “farewell tour,” which led to a t-shirt design. They’re in no way looking at season 8 as if it’s the last, and both David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel expressed that they want the show to continue.

The Bones panel was filled with plenty of laughter, thanks mostly to David Boreanaz, whose comments ranged from talking about the WB (“I don’t think you can call it a network if it was on The WB”) and Angel, which he said “ran its course” and “ended in the way it was supposed to end,” though he did say he’d be up for a movie, to talking about The Vampire Diaries (“Everyone carries around a diary? I’m confused.”).

Did you check out the Bones panel at Comic-Con? Are you looking forward to season 8, premiering on September 17 at 8 p.m.?

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