‘Bones’ Season 8: Creator Isn’t Looking at It as Its Last

Bones season 7 saw Booth and Brennan finally together after all these years, with a baby to go along with that. They had their family, and they’ll have it again once Pelant’s locked up and Brennan can stop running with Christine. But could season 8 be the series’ last?

Hart Hanson on the Show’s Future

Photo Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOXAccording to TVLine, creator Hart Hanson has said, “I could see Season 9 or 10 being the last. But definitely not [Season 8]. Post Booth and Brennan being together, there’s a good three seasons [of story] left.” There had been some concerns going into the seventh season with Brennan pregnant and with Booth, but as the episodes showed, it didn’t ruin the show. Instead, Brennan giving birth in “The Prisoner in the Pipe” made for what was one of the best episodes of the show, certainly of the season, and they proved that they could still work together, still disagree, and still solve cases, all while going home to each other and their daughter. Because of that, the series was renewed for its eighth season, which will feature those bonus episodes that have been teased.

Because of those concerns now that Booth and Brennan are together, there have no doubt been questions about the show’s future. Back at PaleyFest in March, Hart Hanson even addressed some storylines he wanted to see in future seasons, including looking at the other characters’ families, bringing back Billy Gibbons, and finally revealing Angela’s real name. Then there’s always Sweets’ dark childhood to revisit. While it’s fun to see him lend his expertise to cases or be together (and sometimes overly sweet) with Daisy, it would be smart for the show to go back to what happened to Sweets when he was younger. Hanson did say “yes” to doing that, so that’s something to look forward to.

Of course there’s the question of marriage in the future for Booth and Brennan. At PaleyFest, Hanson had said, “If they ever get married, we’ll see a wedding.” Could that end up being the series finale, whether that’s at the end of season 9, 10, or whenever it does end? Something else fans are hoping to see before the show does end is a return from Eric Milligan as Zack. If they have a storyline for it and he’s available, they’d bring him back. That’s something else that would be good to see happen before the series says goodbye. With all these possible storylines to address, it’s no wonder Hanson isn’t worried about the show ending next year.

How many more Bones seasons are you hoping there will be?

Photo Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOX

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