‘Bones’ Season 8 Episode 2 Preview: It’s Hard to Keep the Romance Alive

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Bones season 8 continues next week with episode 2, “The Partners in the Divorce.” Brennan may be back at work, but it looks like she and Booth may be having some problems in their personal relationship.

Season 8 Episode 2 “The Partners in the Divorce” Promo

The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a high-powered divorce lawyer with a lot of enemies. The plot thickens when the team discovers that the attorney’s wife and assistant have been hiding crucial evidence which could help solve the case. Meanwhile, Brennan tries to adjust to life after being on the run, and tensions start to rise between her and Booth as the impact of their three-month separation begins to take its toll.”

"The Partners in the Divorce" Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/FOXThis second episode is the one that executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan had explained would show more of Booth and Brennan’s feelings about her leaving. Nathan explained in a conference call Gather.com was a part of, “You know, initially you’re very happy to see somebody, but all of the three months of being abandoned essentially doesn’t go away. So that’s still kind of bubbling inside, and in the second episode we’ll see some evidence of that. There are things that they have to get past. Even though they understand what happened to each other, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to move on and to go back to what they had before. Everything will have changed a bit.” Meanwhile, Hanson added, “We loved the idea that just because a decision is right and good and the most sensible rational decision, that it’s still painful for people, and they have to get by that. Maybe it’s even tougher when no one was in the wrong. … The second episode addresses that head on.”

The Bones season 8 episode 2 promo for “The Partners in the Divorce” (below) makes it clear that just because Brennan’s back, things aren’t automatically going to be perfect for her and Booth. They’re not in step at home—not even for a quick kiss over coffee in the kitchen. Then there’s Booth’s comment that “things fall apart” and Brennan’s “Good thing we’re not married.” There has been speculation about a possible proposal coming at some point this season, probably from Brennan. But first, they are going to have to work through these issues, and it looks like these issues are going to lead to some tension at work. Just look at Booth’s “FBI. Angry FBI.”

Meanwhile, there is a case to solve, and poor Booth is going to lose his shoe to an evidence bag when he steps in some brain at the crime scene. The squintern-of-the-week is Finn, which means there will probably be at least one fun scene featuring him and Hodgins and more of that Southern charm that made him memorable last season.

What do you think of the Bones season 8 episode 2 preview of “The Partners in the Divorce”?

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX

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