‘Bones’ Season 8 Premiere Spoilers and Air Date

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Bones season 7 ended with Brennan on the run with Christine after Pelant framed her for murder. She had no choice because once she was in the system, he could get to her. However, she left Booth behind. When will that be resolved?

Fox Announces Season 8 Premiere Date

Photo Credit: FOXTVLine has reported that Fox has announced that season 8 will be premiering at 8 p.m. on Monday, September 17. That first episode is going to be showing what happens next for Booth and Brennan, and Hart Hanson did tell Entertainment Weekly recently that Pelant will be “free and thriving” when season 8 begins. He also went on to say that “the end of the first episode could be a cliffhanger in its own way. …I think it might be our best season opener.”

Bones did leave its fans hanging with the season 7 finale, and part of that was whatever Pelant was up to in Booth and Brennan’s house. He did something to the clock, and there has been a lot of speculation that it could be a bomb. With Pelant on their cameras, they should be a step closer to putting him away and making it safe for Brennan to come back. Will that be part of the premiere? Could the cliffhanger involve Pelant’s possible freedom in the future? All that’s certain right now is that fans will get some answers on September 17, and it’s a good thing the wait isn’t going to be as long as it was last year.

Will you be tuning in to Bones season 8 in the fall?

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