‘Bones’ Season 8 Premiere ‘The Future in the Past’ Sneak Peeks: Booth and Brennan Reunited

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Bones season 8 premieres next week with the very strong “The Future in the Past,” which will see, as teased, Booth and Brennan reunited after she left and the team still working to prove Pelant’s guilty and she’s innocent.

Season 8 Episode 1 “The Future in the Past” Clips

"The Future in the Past" Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/FOXFox has released five sneak peeks to get fans ready for next week’s premiere, and the first (below) gives you a look at Brennan on the run with Christine and Max. It’s an adorable scene, especially with Brennan showing their daughter photos of Booth and with Christine’s “dada.” Max tells her they have to go. They’ve been there too long. It’s a good thing Max was around when this all went down. He’s a good person to have with you when you’re on the run, and it’s also nice to see him spend time with his daughter and granddaughter.

The second Bones season 8 premiere clip (below) shows Flynn doing a regular check with Booth. Booth says he hasn’t heard from Brennan doesn’t know where she is, but Flynn needs to see his calls and emails. Booth wants him to be spending time looking into Pelant, but they have nothing on him and Pelant erased himself from the video from Booth’s house when he brought it in. Booth of course just walks away to go get lunch, but Flynn can tell he’s up to something else. There’ a post-it with “Pelant – Brookside Shelter” written on it (in front of a photo of Booth, Brennan, and Christine, which is cute). Flynn warns him not to do anything stupid. Well, it doesn’t look like Booth’s planning to do much of anything except get under Pelant’s skin, as seen in the third sneak peek. While Pelant’s teaching a computer class at Brookside, Booth just stands watching him. He gets to Pelant, who places a call for Flynn. Considering everything Pelant has done to them, it’s good to see him rattled, even if it just for a split second.

The fourth “The Future in the Past” sneak peek (below) shows the Jeffersonian team at a crime scene, which was left uncovered perfectly. It’s a professional job. Angela narrows in on a flower and says Brennan left it for them. Flynn wants a search team put together to bring in Brennan. Even on the run, Brennan’s still showing that she’s the best at her job. What will it take to convince Flynn to focus on evidence to bring in Pelant?

The fifth clip (below) shows Booth and Brennan’s reunion. It’s been teased in promos, and this clip focuses on that. Though Brennan does flip Booth over onto his back, he gets the upper hand, which is when he realizes it’s her. “I knew you’d come,” she tells him, and he kisses her. They’re reunited, and it’s oh-so-good.

What do you think of the Bones season 8 premiere sneak peeks from episode 1, “The Future in the Past”?

Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/FOX

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