‘Bones’ Season 8 Spoilers: Booth’s Mother, Pelant’s Future, Cam’s Love Interest, and More

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Bones‘ eighth season premieres on September 17 with the very strong “The Future in the Past,” which will see everyone working together to bring Brennan home. After screening the episode, Gather.com participated in a conference call with executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan about what’s coming up.

"The Future in the Past" Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/FOXBooth and Brennan. Booth and Brennan will be reuniting in the first episode, as teased by the promo that has been released, and they “upped the energy” for that. The second episode will explore Brennan’s leaving a bit more. Even though something may be right and rational, that doesn’t mean it’s not “painful” to get past it. In fact, Hanson said it may be “tougher” because of that. As for some happy news about the couple, “there might be” a wedding in their future.

Family members. There will be some returning characters in the upcoming season, including Brennan’s father, and they’re hoping to bring back Booth’s grandfather (Ralph Waite) and Billy Gibbons as Angela’s father. They also want to bring in Hodgins’ brother for a story, as well as Booth’s mother—and they want to see her meet Brennan. As for bringing back Emily Deschanel’s sister, Zooey, as cousin Margaret, they pointed to her being busy with New Girl.

Cam’s love interest. It’s already been revealed that Cam’s new love interest is going to be “someone fans will recognize,” and Nathan teased, “If we’re good, they didn’t see it coming.” Later in the call, it was revealed that fans will find out who he is in episode 805, “Crime Scene Clean-Up,” which will see the team going up against someone who’s good at getting rid of evidence in a “spy versus spy” episode.

"The Future in the Past" Photo Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOXPelant’s future. The first episode is going to see the team trying to gather evidence against Pelant, but “he is going to be around all season,” and Nathan admitted that while he and Hanson don’t like serial killers, they do like Pelant, calling him “the most interesting multiple-murderer that [they’ve] ever had.” He will “color” season 8 in “red,” and “No one’s going to be able to rest easy.” What’s most important is that “Pelant is not going away.”

The squinterns. The “revolving gang of interns” is here to stay, and Hanson teased, “Also, we will be meeting new interns at some point this season, and also revisiting interns we haven’t seen as much as we want to.” It’s already been revealed that there’s an episode coming up that will see the squinterns all working the same case.

Episode 150. Season 8 will see the show celebrating a milestone episode: it’s 150th. Hanson explains is going to see everything from the victim’s point-of-view in “a very heart-tugging story.” It involves a boy, and this is in no way going to be a humorous episode. It’s going to be giving a look at the team at work and showing how everyone interacts with the victim when no one else is around. It’s also the episode that will feature Cyndi Lauper’s return, and she’ll know the victim’s watching and trying to help. It turns out he needs something other than his murder to be solved in order to move on.

What do you think of the latest Bones season 8 spoilers?

Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/FOX (Booth and Brennan), Patrick McElhenney/FOX (Pelant)

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