‘Bones’ Season 8 Spoilers: How Brennan Leaving Affects Her

Bones season 7 ended with Brennan going on the run after Pelant framed her for murder. She had no choice, but she took Christine and left Booth behind. So what comes next for the couple?

Season 8 Spoilers

Emily Deschanel in the 2012 Comic-Con Bones press room. ©Meredith JacobsWhile David Boreanaz and executive producer Stephen Nathan have talked about what Brennan leaving means for Booth (check out Comic-Con press room videos here for that information), you do have to wonder what will be happening with Brennan while everyone back home is trying to figure out a way to bring her back. According to TV Guide, Nathan has said, “Being on the road has made her see [things] in a way she had never expected. She had to be anonymous; she had to be ordinary. Those things have made her see the world in a very different way and will inform her relationship with Booth.” That is going to connect to the theme of “Is love enough?” that will be present this season, and Nathan admits, “They are tested. It’s something that will kind of torture them throughout the season. We would like to believe that love is enough for Booth and Brennan, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.”

While everyone in the Jeffersonian and Booth have to be careful about what they do in trying to prove Pelant’s guilt and Brennan’s innocence, Brennan has to stay under the radar. She can’t be found out, or she could end up in the system, where Pelant can get to her. That means that Bones season 8 will see Booth and Brennan reuniting when they deem it safe, and while that will happen pretty quickly—you can’t keep them apart for long—it’s not like they can just jump back into happiness. They have to deal with the aftermath, and that means that they’re going to have to face the fact that the Brennan who comes home is not going to be the same Brennan who left. She can’t be completely, and that means that there’s going to likely be some drama, perhaps stemming from Booth’s frustrations over what happened.

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