‘Bones’ Season 8 Spoilers: Sweets’ Past and Love Triangle, a Very Cold Case

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Bones season 8 premieres on September 17 with “The Future in the Past,” which will be setting up what will likely be a very strong season. After a conference call with the executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan (read what they had to say here), Gather.com also found out about more of what’s coming up in an email interview with Hanson.

Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOXYou’ve mentioned exploring more about Sweets’ past. Are there any definitive plans for that this season? What can you say about his arc with the new FBI agent (played by Danielle Panabaker) and his relationship with Daisy?

“We do want to poke back into Sweets’ past — he’s our character who never really had a childhood. As for his relationship with Daisy and the new FBI Agent … that’s a pointy little triangle with everything that suggests.”

What’s your favorite case from the season?

“I’m very fond of the pov case … the 150th episode of Bones. But I’m also excited by a story that we’ve had on the books since season one and didn’t manage to break until Season 8 — solving a crime that took place 25000 years ago. Talk about a cold case…”

What do you think of the latest Bones season 8 spoilers?

Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

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