‘Bones’ Season 8 Spoilers: The Pelant Twist, Flynn’s ‘Complicated’ Arc, and Hodgins’ Behavior

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Bones season 8 premiered tonight with “The Future in the Past,” which saw the team take down Pelant and bring Brennan home, as everyone was expecting, only for the episode to end with a couple of twists. Gather.com participated in a recent conference call with executive producers Stephen Nathan and Hart Hanson after screening the episode, and they did address those twists. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, stop reading now.

"The Future in the Past" Photo Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOX“Pelant is not going away.” Nathan pointed that out during the call, and the twist at the end made that clear. Pelant created a new identity for himself and is still a threat. According to Hanson, “That was the natural end for us of that episode, of the first episode, is to extend the Pelant story and raise another question. How’s that for obfuscation? But it’s like, does he have help? We don’t know what the motive is of … to do what he did. It’s just it’s little—it’s a gulch hanger, not a cliff hanger just to keep that story alive in people’s minds.” Nathan added, “It’s just to raise questions.”

Can Flynn be trusted? The episode ended with Flynn taking the marigold Pelant gave to Brennan and she threw away out of the trash, leading to questions about his loyalty. Hanson confirmed “there’s an arc with him” during the call, and he called it “complicated and fun,” adding that they do have “an end plan with that.” The questions now are, “Is he good or is he bad?” and “Is he a threat or is he supportive?” Hanson teased, “That’s our story we’ll find out.”

Hodgins’ “very un-Hodgins-like” behavior. The premiere also saw Hodgins react in a way you wouldn’t expect from him when he ran into Pelant in the cemetery, and that “very, very aggressive” behavior “stems out of what happened to his friends,” explains Hanson. Gather.com also asked Hart Hanson via email if Sweets will talk to Hodgins in the future about his actions and if it will be explored further, and according to the executive producer, “Sweets was shocked to the core about what he discovered about Hodgins in the season opener. Hodgins is such a good man and yet he behaved in a violent manner. It colors Sweets’ perception of Hodgins and raises a few questions for himself. What will you do for those you love? How far will you go? How far SHOULD you go?”

What did you think of the Bones season 8 premiere? Do you trust Flynn? Are you worried about Hodgins?

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