‘Bones’ Spinoff Scoop – Michael Clarke Duncan to Co-star

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So many shows these days are branching out with spinoffs (just look at Law & Order, CSI, NCIS, and most recently Criminal Minds), and the newest drama to join in is Bones on Fox. The series stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz as Brennan and Booth, and they’re looking to use an upcoming episode to begin the spinoff (just like other shows have done in the past).

Casting for spinoff


The main character in the spinoff, Walter Sherman (“the Locator”) has yet to be cast, but that doesn’t mean they’re not moving forward with the project. According to TVLine, Michael Clarke Duncan will be playing “Walter’s partner Leo, a tough, raw-hide cowboy philosopher.”

It seems as though more and more actors are making the switch from film to television, with Duncan joining that group. Sometimes it works (Laurence Fishburne on CSI), but other times it does not (Jeremy Northam in Miami Medical).

Which category do you think Duncan will fall into? It seems more likely that this will be successful for the actor, since Bones has already established a fan base. The move from 8PM to 9PM shouldnÂ’t have any affect on its ratings (plus, it will be airing after American Idol, and that in itself may bring in more viewers), so it wouldnÂ’t be surprising for fans of the original series to tune in for the spinoff once it does hit television. Fishburne joined a show that had already established itself as popular; Northam tried his hand at television with an all-new series. That seems to be where he went wrong.

Will you tune in to the Bones spinoff?

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