‘Bones’ Spoilers: A Twist in the Case for a Bonus Episode

Bones had a short seventh season—only 13 episodes—but there are some bonus episodes to look forward to. Those four episodes will be part of season 8, and there are some spoilers out about one of them.

Season 8 Bonus Episode “The Gunk in the Garage” Spoilers

Photo Credit: FOXExecutive producer Stephen Nathan has revealed to TVLine that this episode is going to see them “investigating a victim who has been blown up by a bomb.” However, there’s a twist once they figure out who the victim is: “When they ID the victim and go to inform his widow, they find that he is still alive and living with her.” It sounds like this could be a somewhat complicated case. So whose body do they have? Why did IDing the victim lead them to this guy? Is it going to turn out to be a familial match somehow or that they found his DNA at the scene for some reason? Could they have IDed a transplant organ? Crazier things have happened.

That’s not all about this Bones episode, as Nathan has also revealed, “We also see Sweets running point in the investigation with a new and very attractive FBI agent played by [Shark‘s] Danielle Panabaker.” What will that mean for Sweets and Daisy’s future? Since this is a bonus episode, one that could stand alone, will that even be addressed? There had been previous teases about possible problems coming for Sweets and Daisy with him taking a look at his relationship, and it’s possible this is the episode that leads to him doing some introspection on the subject.

What do you think of the latest Bones spoilers?

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