‘Bones’ Uncovers ‘The Don’t in the Do’

This week Bones uncovered “The Don’t in the Do”; hairdo that is. The murder victim of the week was a popular male hair stylist, who just so happened to end up getting scalped.

The episode began with Temperance lamenting that none of her clothes fit after her daughter’s birth. Although Booth tried to convince her she looks amazing, Brennan wasn’t buying. A murder mystery turns out as just what she needed to take her mind off her troubles.

The victim’s body is found in the local dump, uncovered by seagulls that have turned blue. Brennan’s team gets called in to investigate. They take the remains for investigation, along with gulls and other dead scavengers that fed off the dead body.

Intern Arastoo Vaziri works with Temperance to solve the murder. He even invents a new way to eliminate scavenger bite marks to help narrow down the possibilities. Still, there’s no clear-cut cause of death. What they do find out, however, is that the victim got scalped.

Hodgins tries to decide why the victim’s remains are blue. He thinks the killer meant to use the substance to burn the body. But he can’t figure out what it is.

Angela does a facial reconstruction from the skull to find the victim is Santiago Valmont, a popular hair stylist. Booth calls three of the stylist’s clients in for interrogation. They tell him there was a fourth woman who Santiago serviced on Saturday, but they didn’t know her name.

Booth goes to the hair salon where Santiago worked and talks to his shampoo boy. He implicates another stylist named Kevin, claiming the man wanted Santiago’s chair.

Kevin breaks into the dead hairdresser’s drawer to give Booth his private book. Inside it is the name of Santiago’s Saturday client — Ruby. A note and $1,000 in cash throw suspicion her way. However, Ruby claims she gave the victim money to get drug free.

Booth follows the drug dealer. When he questions him, the man makes a run for it holding on to a bag of hair. The hair comes from 25 dead people. However, none of them are Santiago. He isn’t the killer.

A trip back to the salon discloses that Kevin has disappeared. Booth calls him in for questioning. Hodgins, in the meantime, has figured out the blue substance. It’s anti-freeze. Coincidently, Kevin had just purchased the substance. Still, Booth isn’t convinced he’s the killer.

After Brennan tells Angela about her post-pregnancy blues, Angie talks her into an impromptu trip to a spa. Brennan tells Vaziri to find out what killed their victim instead of worrying why his research paper got pulled from a scientific journal. She tells him his worth isn’t measured by published materials but by how good he is at his job.

While at the spa, Vaziri calls Brennan and discloses how the victim died. At first she’s confused how someone nicked the hyoid bone during the murder. However, a light bulb goes off and she and rushes to tell Booth.

Back at the salon, Tempy and Seeley find the shampoo boy promoted to his own chair. Not for long though because Booth arrests him for murder. Blood on the ceiling above his shampoo chair seals the deal. Brennan hammers in the last nail by discovering Santiago’s scalp.

Back home, Booth gives Bones a present. It’s sexy lingerie, a gift Sweets talked him into buying. She likes it and the two head upstairs. Sadly, Christine wakes up to spoil their fun. Still, they smile, happy they are parents together.

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