Bono Had Heart Issues on Vacation in Monaco

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Bono is still thriving as a musician. His career is strong and so is his long marriage. He built the life of his dreams. Is he risking it all with smoking? The singer just had a health issue with his heart. While on vacation he had to go to the hospital to let a cardiologist check out his heart health.

Bono recently finished a big tour. He is on vacation in Monaco now. However, even being in a relaxed vacation mode did not prevent him from experiencing some chest pains and heart rhythm issues, notes Rolling Stone. He sought medical care at the Princess Grace Memorial Hospital in Monaco.

Bono surely felt alarmed to suddenly feel unwell while on vacation. His visit to the hospital and consultation with an unfamiliar doctor while having a health crisis was likely quite stressful. The doctor advised Bono to get some rest. If he is still actively smoking he was probably also told to lay off the cigarettes.

Nicotine is a stimulant. It can cause the heart to race or set off heart palpitations. Bono started smoking again after a back surgery last year. If he hasn’t quit the cigarettes by now, perhaps the heart scare will help him avoid nicotine forever now.

Bono had 48 hours of medical tests, notes the Irish Independent. He is now out of the hospital and enjoyed a dinner out with his wife, Julian Lennon and John Rocha. Hopefully his vacation in France will help him stay mellow and avoid any future heart pain.

Stay well Bono! You are a fabulous singer. Your musical talent is unique and strong. The world also admires you for the huge amount of effort you put into doing charity work.

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