Book: 100 Minutes That Will Change The Way You Live

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Author: Dr. L. Prakash

ISBN: 9788178061221

Publisher: Unicorn Books


100 one-pager humorous wisdoms, such as

  • Never underestimate the capabilities of others
  • Persistence pays
  • Have faith, it helps
  • Talent always costs money, and more

Discover the 90 / 10 principle. But what is this?

It says 10% of life is made up of what happens to you: the other 90% is how you react to it.


For example, what you grow up as depends upon your abilities, family, society and luck, all of which are beyond your control.

You cannot stop train from coming late.

Nor can you prevent traffic light from turning red when you are late.


Don’t fret over such things. They are only the 10%. You determine the other 90%.

How? By your reaction!

Sure, you cannot change everything. Then must we become victims of stress? No. Neither should you resign to your fate.


Learn to make the most of the life. Face life squarely.

100 ‘practical wisdoms’ told by the author in a humorous way will help you live life peacefully and successfully.


Read it. You will, then, live life fully.


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