Book Review- Charles Dickens- David Copperfield

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Charles Dickens- David Copperfield (Moby Books 1979) 3 Stars


David Copperfield found himself orphaned when he was just a small boy, after his mother passed away, leaving him with a stepfather who treated him badly. After the stepfather abandons him he must try to make it on his own. He goes through tough times, but manages to make good friends along the way. Then with the help of an aunt he must struggle to find a career and make something of his life. David Copperfield is a tale of betrayal, jealousy, cruelty, and love, resulting in his finding out what it means to truly be happy.


David Copperfield started off as a happy tale, but quickly became one of sorrow. Dickens brings the reader through a life of hardship and yet shows that even with what seems like a hard life, happiness is still achievable, it is all in how we look at life. I enjoyed the ending of this book as it kind of makes the reader warm and fuzzy. I did find that the book was rather boring and slow at times and kind of dragged on. The quality of writing was impressive, it is no wonder Charles Dickens was a famous and popular author who is still read today. The characters were very well created and woven into the tale beautifully, although I think that we saw too many characters that the reader is supposed to try to keep track of. I would only recommend this book to those who like classics.


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