Book review : Eve Eden Vs. The Zombie Horde

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Eve Eden Vs. The Zombie Horde

by : Suz Korb

Twin Forrest has its secrets and apparently they are so well kept that even one of its very own, Eve Eden, is clueless about what goes on. There has always been something odd about Eve, but if her friends, family, enemies, and even she thought things were odd before, they are in for a lot more surprises. Eve’s friend Kimi brings her a necklace from a dig site in England and while she doesn’t even like the necklace, she can’t bring herself to part with it. After Eve and Kimi attempt a disappearing spell, everything gets stranger starting with Eve’s school locker disappearing.

From there things go from bad to worse. After being kidnapped by and escaping from a vampire, Eve, Bubbles the Counselor, and a pug named Thunderbug begin an adventure so hair raising that it just might wake up the dead. Even Thunderbug’s explosive rear-end might not be able to save them this time. It may just be up to Eve to save the world and somehow still find time to sew a dress and deal with bullies of her own.


This is one of those books that takes a bit of time to get into, but once the action starts, it doesn’t quit until the end. For the most part this was an enjoyable book but it does have its areas that make the reader wonder what just happened. If you are into first person narrated books this will be a winner for you, but even then it is still a bit hard to follow. The plot is fantastic with some pretty well done originality. and while intended for YA, it does have a small amount of swearing and does go dark at times. Parents might want to read the book first before turning their YA’s loose with it.

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