Book Review: "Football Hero" by Tim Green

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   Harper Collins has a great new book for the pre-teen/teen market coming out this May!  In "Football Hero", Ty Lewis is a middle schooler whose parents have died in a tragic accident.  While his big brother Thane is starting his exciting career in the NFL, Ty has to live with his cranky Uncle Gus and Aunt Victoria.  Uncle Gus makes him work cleaning toilets after school.  During the day, Ty has to contend with bullies and finding his own place on the football team at school.

   Soon Uncle Gus, who likes his beer and gambling, gets mixed up with Lucy, a local bar owner who is connected to some pretty dangerous men in the Mafia.  They get the bright idea to pump Ty for information about Thane and his teammates, so they can place large bets on football games before the general public learns of injuries.  Ty is torn — he fears life with Uncle Gus will get uglier if he doesn't go along with this, but doesn't want to tell Thane about his problems while he's trying to start his career!

   The author, Tim Green, played for the Atlanta Falcons himself, and brings an insider's perspective about being an NFL rookie to his story.  He also studied English and writing at Syracuse University, and it shows in his cleverly crafted book.  He also wrote the New York Times bestseller "Football Genius".  I enjoyed this book as much as my middle schooler!

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