Book Review: Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

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I love cookbooks and books by chefs.  I particularly enjoyed Anthony Bourdain's book because it is irreverent, truthful, and gutsy.  From his start in restaurants on Cape Cod in Massachusetts to his rise to chef in a top restaurant and media star, Bourdain writes honestly about working in the food world.  Drugs, sex, and rock and roll all play a prominent part in this inside story of restaurant cooking. 

Bourdain's advice about what days are good days to order seafood in a restaurant, what fish you might want to avoid forever, and why Sunday brunch is never a good choice for diners was most helpful. 

I realized a few other important things from reading this book: I could never be a chef, if I were a chef I would have to take amphetamines, and the reason I hate to cook (I really do; I just love reading about it) is because really good food is not available to the average person going to the average supermarket in Smalltown, America. 

If you want the truth, the whole truth (or at least Bourdain's version of the truth) about what it takes to become a top chef read this engaging book and never look at restaurants/professional cooking/chefs in quite the same way again.

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