Book Review: “New Moon” by Stephanie Meyer

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     Before I began reading “New Moon”, the sequel to the popular “Twilight” novel by Stephanie Meyer, most of the feedback I had heard about it was quite negative.  Many people felt the first book was much better, and that this follow-up novel was subpar at best.  So I went into reading this with low expectations.  Much to my pleasant surprise, I found that this book, while different from the first in its plot line, was of very high quality like its predecessor.

      In this next chapter of Edward and Bella’s complicated relationship, Edward takes things between them in a different direction, leaving Bella feeling disoriented and lost. She comes to rely more heavily on her friend Jacob Black, who has problems of his own, though he isn’t sharing them with her and in fact starts avoiding her.  This novel leads readers into the realm of the Volturi, the secretive vampire leaders, rather like royalty.  These folks are not like Carlisle and the rest of Edward’s family!  They bring a darker side of the vampire underworld to this book.

      The writing here is just as well done as in the first book in the four-part series. No one can deny that Meyer has a talent for weaving words!  The story line can drag on a little in places, whereas the first book flew by without pause for me.  But these patches were sparse and I still finished this novel faster than I would most others.  The author really draws you in to care what happens to the characters, and to sympathize with their individual and relative situations.

      My only trouble upon finishing this book was . . . that it’s time to get  a copy of the third book, “Eclipse”!  And don’t forget the film version being released later this Fall. Our family is looking forward to it.

     This book retails in paperback form for $10.99 ($11.99 in Canada).  I managed to find it used for half that price, though, at a local book swap.  These are floating around, so you may be able to borrow a copy from a friend or get on the library’s waiting list — if you don’t mind waiting! 

ISBN 10:  0-316-02496-1, ISBN-13:  978-0-316-02496-9.

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