Book Review: No Ordinary Love Doug & Jackie Christie with Michael Levin

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Infinite Love Publishing (2007)
ISBN 9780979482700
Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (05/07)   
Doug and Jackie Christie are an unusual couple in the glittery world of NBA. Not only they are married and have three children together, they actually profess to love being married to each other and choose to be faithful to each other. For this they have been highly ridiculed in the media, both by some fans and certain reporters.
Doug is a 14-year NBA veteran, who has played for a number of teams and had been honored several times with All-League defensive awards. Jackie is a former fashion model. Both came from single-parent households, which just might have been the deciding factor in choosing the path they’ve chosen. While not completely traditional from the beginning (they had their first child a while before they’ve decided to get married), nowadays they live like any perfectly ordinary family. They profess to do most of the work in the house by themselves (and yes, Doug is supposed to be a great cook!), their children are being watched over by the grandmother and Doug, as much as he loves basketball, does not put it ahead of Jackie and their family.
The book, which is written like a dialogue between Doug and Jackie, is a fascinating glimpse in the world of NBA teams and their practices as well as a thought-provoking and inspirational testament to their love and devotion. As Jackie would say, “A man has to be ready for a relationship – not forced or coaxed or convinced.” And in Doug’s own words, “So that’s my message to the men reading this book – stick your ego in your back pocket. Maybe it is making you look bigger than you are, but it’s hard to reconcile fronting with love. Let that special someone see that real you. Let yourself see the real you. You just might be surprised by what you find.” Sound advice – and it would not hurt any if one were to substitute a “she” for a “he” in those words. All of us could
benefit from this.
Doug and Jackie renew their vows every year. So far they’ve done it a dozen times. I would not be surprised if they do it another couple of dozen times. Putting your family ahead of everything else might be outmoded nowadays, but I can not see how it could hurt anything. Everybody needs an anchor in life. Having your spouse and/or family as an anchor could only make you a stronger person.
“No Ordinary Love” was an interesting read, which will certainly appeal to fans of NBA as well for family-oriented readers. Approach it with an open mind and you just might decide to make some changes in your own life as well. 

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