BOOK REVIEW: Seeing the Voice of God What God is Telling You through Dreams & Visions By Laura Harris Smith

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Everyone dreams.  Not everyone remembers those dreams or can interpret their meaning.  This book provides a wealth of information to help readers sleep better, remember dreams, and understand the imagery, symbols and messages in dreams.  There is so much information that readers are wise to read slowly and ponder each chapter’s concepts before moving on.

Each chapter ends with a lovely prayer and an impartation to help readers with their dream journeys.  Included is a comprehensive glossary of dream symbols and their meanings.  That alone makes this a book to keep for future reference, yet there is much more; Advice on developing healthy sleep habits through nutritious food and supplements, prayer and Scripture to promote sleep, even iphone and Android apps for sleep cycles are discussed.

Author Laura Harris Smith has studied sleep patterns, disorders, methods and treatments and shares the fruit of her research with readers by practical suggestions.  Dreams and visions are often God’s way of communicating with us, so praying for enlightenment and discernment will help dreamers to understand God’s message.  Reading Scripture supplies instances of famous dreamers’ visionary dreams with which readers can identify.


Despite this wealth of information, Smith cautions readers that healthy sleep and dream interpretation happen by process, which takes time.  That is where the prayer helps.  Those who want to hear from God will ask in prayer and will receive His answer.  How does one see God’s voice?  Read this book and you may understand and believe.  God is eager to give us grace and blessings, so read, pray and ask so that you may receive.


I was given a free copy of this book for the purpose of review.  I recommend it for all adults and teenagers who have sleep disorders, who long to communicate with God and who are curious about dreams.

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