Book Review: Soul in Love by Vone Savan

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Soul in Love Soul in Love by Vone Savan

Book Description
Soul in Love is a fictitious paranormal romance that centers on a seventeen year old girl named Amber Olive. One evening, after spending time together, Amber and her boyfriend, London, end up in a horrible car accident in which she somehow survives, but her boyfriend does not. Then, while Amber mourns his death, she begins to see and feel London again. At first, she questions her sanity, but then starts to believe in him. Through this newfound belief, she takes a metaphysical journey which ultimately answers the questions to London’s appearances and her own reality. This book deals with the issues of loss, grief, and love. It challenges the idea of how far we will go to try and get back the person we once loved; even after something as profound as death. Soul in Love also raises questions relating to what each of us will truly believe after something tragic happens-spiritually and otherwise.

Book Review
This is a young adult novel of everlasting love. The story features a young couple that simply adores one another, but fate intervenes and Amber’s boyfriend London dies. This would normally be the end of the relationship, but somehow it doesn’t stop there. The book is listed as paranormal, but it could just as well be spiritual, as we really have no proof of what happens when we die. The grief that Amber displays is so well written that I found myself tearing up along with her despair. Amber’s friends and family are all just as wonderfully written.

The drawback for me is in how the story played out and in some of the conversational bits. For me conversation in novels is a tricky thing, you need to cover a lot and still have it sound natural. It wasn’t a huge issue throughout, but was more apparent in the last third of the book. The conversations felt forced and unnatural. There seemed to be too many quick easy fixes to the problems at hand, which were unneeded. There were some variances within the story that kept coming up. (The students were celebrating the end of the last day of school before Spring Break, the accident happened that same night, only a week goes by as the funeral is on the following Friday, but Amber’s mom is surprised to see her out of bed the following Monday morning, amazed that she is going to school. Amber says she needs to go meet with her teachers for the make-up work. This makes no sense as they weren’t in school.) There are a few moments like that throughout and they bother me because they throw off momentum when I have to figure out what is going on with the timeline. The ending to the story left me entirely disappointed and the characters end up being someone I don’t want to know.

Savan does have a way with writing characters and tragedy. He’s able to convey emotions and the turmoil one feels when losing a loved one. He convincingly shows what one would do to have one more moment with the one we love.

Book Rating: 3/5
Book Received From: Vone Savan Enterprises for Review
Reviewer: Jessica

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