Book review -The Key to Kilenya

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Our very own Andrea Pearson has written a fantastic book. I love fantasy and this is up there with my favorites.

The Key to Kilenya-Andrea Pearson.

Evil is afoot in the world of Kilenya. The Lorkon, a nasty species has stolen a powerful key being protected by a species known as Makalos. A fourteen year old earthling boy named Jacob has been summoned to help them recover the key. There is something more sinister involved and Jacob along with his companions must seek the key and return it without getting killed. The quest is not an easy one.

Andrea Pearson has written a compelling fantasy about teamwork and the usual good versus evil theme. The story has many twists and turns and loads of suspense throughout it and will keep the reader fascinated from start to finish. The story is appropriate for ages twelve and up. I give this book five gold keys.

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