Book Review: “Unrivaled” By Siri Mitchell

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Set in 1910, this historical romance is a sweet love story that combines love, competition, humor, honesty and faith into a delicious mixture that is sure to delight romance fans.  The two main characters, Lucy Kendall and Charlie Clarke, start out attracted to one another, then try to deny their feelings as they become rivals in their families’ candy businesses.

Charlie’s father is a wealthy, successful businessman, while Lucy’s father runs a small confectionery that is losing money.  Newly returned from a European vacation and determined to help rebuild her father’s candy business, Lucy squares off against Charlie in a devious and often humorous battle to be the best.  Charlie has made some recent changes in his life and is trying to fit into society and also to rekindle a relationship with his estranged father.  In doing so, he develops a clearer view of himself and others.

The story is told in alternating first person voice by chapter. The reader is able to get an inside look into both Lucy’s and Charlie’s thoughts, feelings and doubts.  The reasons that motivate each are revealed to the reader.  Both characters change and grow, developing honest insight into their own faults and strengths.  The reader is also privy to their feelings for each other.  Supporting characters are interesting and diverse, providing inspiration to both Lucy and Charlie.

Both Lucy and Charlie get a chance to examine their lives, their values and themselves and to make changes for the better. They both spend a good deal of time in denial before each wakes up to see how wonderfully God works in their lives.   Repentance, honesty, acceptance, forgiveness and love are some of the virtues woven into this story.

While the ending is somewhat predictable, it is nonetheless skillfully pulled together with a few surprises.   Siri Mitchell has written a number of other great Christian romances and romance novel lovers will want to read more of her work.

I was given a free copy of this book to read and provide an honest review.  I recommend this book for adults and teenage readers who enjoy good quality romantic novels.



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