Book Sales and Halloween Fun with Rosie the Riveter

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Our Rosie the Bandana has been an incredible success. One that as authors we really didn’t expect. I want to share this little case study with writers on Gather because it may help encourage you to think outside the box.

When we first published our collective memoir, Rosie’s Daughter’s: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story, we felt we needed to promote the book on our own. We gave presentations to women’s groups, university groups, even Chambers of Commerce. We wanted an iconic prop and settled on Rosie’s bandana. It’s amazing, but this little scrap of red-and-white polka dot cloth signifies empowerment for women of all ages.

But believe it or not, when we went to buy a bunch of Rosie-type bandanas, we couldn’t find them anywhere. So we empowered ourselves and created our own bandana. At first, we could only find 22 inch squares. We silk screened polka dots on the red bandanas. And, well, they were a hit. The problem way, 22 inch squares were hard to tie Rosie style. So we started looking for a larger bandana and something USA made. We found it in North Carolina, and created a new format.

So what have been the results? Success. We’ve sold more copies of Rosie’s Daughters than the majority of authors. We’ve won four publishing awards for the book, including an IPPY. As for the bandanas, we’ve sold more than 1000 and we’re still selling strong.

We filled a niche that has brought attention to our book. It turns out too, that Rosie the Riveter is a popular Halloween costume…and, well, we have the bandana. We’ve outfitted so many empowered women that we made a video of women wearing our bandanas. Enjoy.

I’ve embedded the YouTube video below. If you can’s see it, follow this link to the YouTube original post.




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