Book Thrown at President Obama at Philadelphia Rally – Streaker Arrested

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President Obama had a book thrown at him in the City of Brotherly love over the weekend. On Sunday at an Obama rally in Philadelphia on Sunday, a man threw a paperback at the president.

President Obama did not Notice Book Thrown at him During Rally

A book thrown onto the stage narrowly misses U.S. President Barack Obama at a rally at Vernon Park in Philadelphia, October 10, 2010. REUTERS/Jim Young (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Apparently Obama did not see the book as it flew behind him – he continued waving at the crowd during the incident, but photographers and videographers captured the book as it sailed by the president.

The incident was earily similar to the shoe that was thrown at President Bush by an Iraqi journalist in December 2008. There have also been other throwing incidents with politicians – both Karl Rove and Carl Levin endured pies that were thrown at them. This MSN report that police interviewed the man who threw the book, and he just got overly excited and wanted to get his book to the president.  The man was not arrested for the book throwing incident.

However, a streaker was arrested. His name is Juan Rodriguez, 24, and he was trying to win $1 million that Alki David had offered for streaking. Thankfully, despite all the shenenigans, nobody was hurt at the rally for Democrats for next month’s elections. Do you think that Barack Obama actually got the book that was thrown at him during the rally? The video below shows the book flying past the President.


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