Book “William and Kate” Says Queen May Step down Early

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The Queen is considering stepping down and allowing Prince Charles to become King Charles sooner than expected. Christopher Andersen, author of the book “William and Kate” thinks this is a very real possibility. She is getting on in years, and in order to preserve the monarchy, Prince Charles needs to take the reins.

The popularity of Prince William and Kate Middleton means the people of England and the world are not interested in Prince Charles becoming King. If the Queen steps down, Charles will become king, but that would leave the door open for him to step down sooner.


Elizabeth II has been the royal leader of England longer than any other. She really needs to allow Charles to become King. According to Today, “Queen Elizabeth is already three years older than Victoria was when she died. If she lives as long as her mother, who passed away at 101, Prince Charles will be almost 80 years old when he takes over.” People are living longer, and the possibility of her living longer is great. It is an issue that the monarchy must deal with and in so doing the monarchy will be saved.

William and Kate

William and Kate’s engagement and their popularity have brought this issue to the forefront. Let’s move this along, and allow younger people who have the hearts of their people to take control. In reality, no one wants Prince Charles, and Camilla on the throne, so if the Queen steps aside, it will allow Prince Charles, then King Charles to relinquish his crown earlier.

The Queen may step down early

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