Boomertowne gift cards, BzzAgent, and MyPoints

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After OVER 2 months I just got an email saying my Boomertowne gift card is on its way!!  YAY!
I ordered it on April 1 and was starting to think it would never arrive.  I checked hubbys email and nothing yet, but he has a card he ordered April 8 that should be coming too.

Who else has been waiting for what seems like forever on a BT gc?  When did you order it?

I have a $75 on the way too, but I just ordered it last week, so I don't expect to see it for awhile.  But the $50 has already been just over 9 weeks waiting. 

 Also, who here is a BzzAgent? 

Are you as excited as I am about our bzzpoints turning into Mypoints on June 9th??   If you are a Bzzagent and havn't already you have to go to Bzzagent and let them know that you want your points transferred or you will lose them.
With each bzzpoint turning into 8 Mypoints, I will have close to 24000 MyPoints transferred over!!
YAY!  That is a little over $150 in gift cards!  I am probably going to get gas cards since we will be moving in a couple of months, and I know that gas is going to run about as much or more than the Uhaul trailer we rent to drive the aproximately 1200miles.   So glad I decided not to get the digital photo frame from them and just save my bzzpoints to see if anything better came along because this is much better!!

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