Born in the USA – Can the Obama Birthers Please Grow Up Now?

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How many times do the bizarre claims by soon-to-be-debarred Orly Taitz have to be shot down in court before the birthers grow up and get on with their lives?

In the latest court to condemn the blatantly false and frivolous – not to mention ridiculous – lawsuits claiming that President Obama was not born in the USA (was it Indonesia, Kenya, Pluto…no, it was Hawai’i), Judge David Carter “used unusually withering language to throw out the suit” Taitz filed on behalf of whoever (does it really matter?).

As the linked article notes:

The case Carter dismissed today had garnered considerable publicity, but similar efforts by Taitz and others have been thrown out by a variety of judges, often on similar grounds. One in New Jersey was dismissed just last week. And Taitz is facing $20,000 in sanctions for her actions in another case in Georgia.

See the Josh Gerstein article on Politico for a link to the ruling and more details.

Now, can all the birthers please just go home now.  I hope they have day jobs…at least Orly Taitz can still practice dentistry (assuming she still has a license).

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