Boston Celtics Trade Rumors 2013: Rajon Rondo Trade Still Being Discussed?

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Intriguing 2013 Boston Celtics trade rumors seem to indicate that a Rajon Rondo deal for Dwight Howard was discussed between the Celtics and the LA Lakers. A report from ESPN seeks to refute those rumors, though, with the general manager of the Lakers proving to be the source of the latest information.

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak basically stated that he hasn’t talked to Danny Ainge (the Celtics GM) in weeks. That pokes some big holes in rumors of a Rondo for Howard trade actually being discussed. It seems even more far-fetched that Rondo is out for the rest of the season and Howard is set to become a free agent soon.

It’s quite the coincidence that the Lakers and Celtics play on Wednesday (Feb. 20), setting up some interesting topics for the announcers to discuss before the game. Both teams really need the win as well, so it could end up being a great game between two teams struggling for relevance.

It looks like these Boston Celtics trade rumors aren’t much more than conjecture, especially since ESPN has provided proof of them being shot down. Still, it could have been interesting for fans to see Dwight Howard and Kevin Garnett on the court together. Maybe Garnett could have taught him how to be tough in the low post.

Do you think that there was ever really any discussion between Boston and the LA Lakers? Would the Lakers really want Rajon Rondo and Steve Nash on the roster together?

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