Boston Harbor ~ by Twilight

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This was our first stop in the harbor. In the background are apartments and offices, redone in the 70s and naturally, very expensive.

But what a view.

Boats waiting for customers, boats unloading and boats just being, well. . . boats.

Water Taxis and Sunset Cruises are among the many boats seen last night.

The Water Taxi is the MBTA T boat you can take from the South Shore or the North Shore to go into downtown Boston or to Logan.

More boats.


You can also see the control tower for Logan airport in the background, and in the next photo, you will see. . .

A plane coming in for a landing.

There is a reason they keep the blinds down on the windows.

You can see how tricky it can be to take off or land at Logan.

Sully, Capt. Sully. Come in, Capt. Sully.

Another view of the harbor.

We want to see what that large Yacht is all about.

Looking back toward Boston on Long Wharf on our walk around the harbor.

The Customs House tower (with the clock) standing tall in the background.

I cannot find the name of this adorable old Victorian building in McKinley Square in the mid-ground and slightly to our left.

It is so much like Montreal’s CN railway station.

The Chart House restaurant, a famous and very old eating and drinking establishment.

Has not lost any of its sheen with the paying clientele, as you can see.

On our walk around the perimeter. Lonesome Buoy. No gull.

Nearly 39 miles of the 47-mile Harborwalk have been completed.

The Boston Harborwalk  is an extensive walkway that can take you around the perimeter of the harbor from Charlestown and East Boston to downtown and North End (here) to Fort Point Channel and then to South Boston and Dorchester.

I must try that sometime.

We are walking around the Boston Harbor Hotel, more of which I will say something in a bit.

Macbooks  for the Gods.

Made from airplane parts so you know this artwork is made to last.

The quiet of the twilight seems lonely, yet we have two boats and two people, yet the mood is somber.

The Boston Harbor Hotel is what you see to the right of the couple standing on the waterfront.

Some fancy, schmanzy wedding was going on inside.

This wrought-iron gate seems to have been inspired by a tiller motif, or so it seemed to me.

This is the yacht, the Iroquois, owned by Mr. John Henry, general manager of THE BOSTON REDSOX.


It looks much larger in real life.

It is worth a cool $31 MILLION dollars.

You can rent it for the evening.

He asks guests to remove their shoes to protect the deck and gives them RED SOCKS to wear.

He spends his off time at his Florida estate, valued at $6.5 million.

He is number 21 in Massachusetts list of millionaires, of which Massachusetts has 58,000.

John Henry himself is worth $840 million.

I think it is permanently docked at the hotel when not in use.

The Yacht is number 73 on largest yachts in the world.

I wonder if the wedding party was going to use it.  Theo Epstein got married on the Yacht some time back.

It has 10 guest rooms, to allow for a full luxury experience.

It is 164 feet, built in 1998 with a cruise speed of 15 knots and a top speed of 16 knots.  5 cabins, 11 crew.

More boats, more Logan airport.

Underneath the famed dome of the Boston Harbor Hotel.

The Northern Avenue is now a pedestrian bridge, but that is fairly recent.

This abandoned dock does just as well in black and white as it does in color.

Or in sepia.

Closeups of the bridge and the water.

The twilight brought out the subtle hues in the water and concrete and wood.

The Boston Harbor Hotel on the right. Rowe’s Wharf arch.

You can see the archway that leads to the dome.

Again, under the dome of the Boston Harbor Hotel.

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