Boston Marathon Explosion: Gruesome Photos Disrespectful of Victims

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The Boston Marathon explosion has left many people with chills since there was seemingly no warning. However, the images coming out of the incident are increasingly graphic — some too graphic for general news sites.

Sadly, many news sites have decided to run with the images and although that is understandable to an extent, there are a few photos floating around on the internet that should definitely be removed and banned from any mainstream news source.

One of these photos, shown three times in a gallery on the Huffington Post, is of a young man being wheeled down the street in Boston with two men flanked on his side. The victim lost both his legs up to his thighs and in the photo you can clearly see bone and muscle hanging. It is probably one of the most gruesome photos ever seen on a mainstream news site.

Not only is this photo traumatizing for anyone who is looking at it, but it’s also disrespectful to the victim — whoever he is — who may or may not be alive. After all, with an injury like that his chances of survival aren’t too good.

Why the Huffington Post decided to run with this photo is beyond comprehension. It should be taken down and banned.

Do you think news sites should be more mindful of people who were injured and their family in the aftermath of this horrible and unimaginable tragedy? The Boston Marathon has forever been changed but no one wants a photo of a man with his legs blown off to be the lasting image.

Photo courtesy of Rolling Out

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