‘Boston Strong’ Trademark May Not Happen

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Last week, the entire nation was captivated by a manhunt in Boston for an alleged bomber. After an intense manhunt, the man was captured and taken into custody. Now, a few different companies are trying to trademark the words ‘Boston Strong.’

A company called Born Into It and an individual named Kerim Senkal both submitted applications to the US Patent Office on April 17. The only problem? Those seeking the patent may have just wasted $325, but why? A Washington D.C. trademark attorney named Josh Gerben tells the Huffington Post that the words ‘Boston’ and ‘Strong’ belong in the public domain. Things that are in the public domain such as words or images can not be trademarked.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that a National Tragedy has sparked a trademark discussion. After September 11, many companies wanted to trademark the words, but the Government said ‘no.’

However, Born Into It says they have a reason for wanting the Boston trademark, owner Ryan Gormady saying, “Our interest isn’t to police the mark. It’s more to indemnify and protect ourselves and our colleagues and partners.”

He is more concerned with someone outside of the Boston area trying to obtain and possibly enforce the trademark.

Should the trademark be granted or, like Gerben says, is it a waste to even try to get the trademark? The bottom line is that the entire country is feeling emotional after the bombings in Boston and many people are going to want to display their “Boston Strong” pride, trademarked or not.

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