Bounce TV Launches First Ever African American Broadcast Network

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Bounce TV launched on Monday. The new broadcast network is the first ever to focus on African-Americans, and Martin Luther King III is one of its founders.

Bounce TV Launches First Ever African American Broadcast NetworkThe newly launches network appears to be playing it safe for its initial launch going without any new shows. The Wiz, which is a Wizard of Oz reboot featuring Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Nipsey Russell, is one of the show that airs on Bounce TV.

Bounce president Ryan Glover said, “The Wiz is a brand identifier because it has resonated in the community since I was a child. As a third grader I played, in my school play, Nipsey Russell as the Tin Man. Last year my son, in his fourth-grade class, played Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow.”

In addition to old and new classics, the network will air specials, sports and documentaries to round out its programming. Eventually Bounce TV will air original programming as well, which will likely be something many people look forward to watching. For its demographic, Bounce is looking to the older than BET crowd. This network will have programs for people in their 30s, 40s and beyond.

The best news is that this network is available for free (perhaps Oprah’s OWN should take notice of this strategy). It is not on cable. You can get it digitally broadcast for free over your TV. That will make sure that anybody with a TV should be able to access the station, which is a wonderful change. This fact seems to help ensure the success of this new network. Do you plan to watch?

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