Box Office Results Not Reported After Colorado Shooting by Suspect James Holmes

The weekend box office results are normally hotly searched for items each weekend, but after the Colorado shooting by suspect James Holmes, the major studios banded together and went silent on their weekend numbers.

Box Office Results not Reported After Colorado Shooting by Suspect James HolmesWarner Bros. along with Sony, Fox, Disney, Universal, Fox and Lionsgate have decided to withhold their weekend box office results in the wake of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado at a midnight screening of Dark Knight Rises.

This is a rare move, but in the wake of the depth of the pain the victims, their family, the city, the state, the nation, and the world feels in the wake of the attack, it seems only fitting that these numbers stay silent. How could these lists be made over the weekend after 12 people were murdered and dozens more injured for simply attempting to watch a movie?

On Monday the studios will release reports. Oddly, this weekend, there is no number one movie in America. Dark Knight Rises most likely will take the top honors despite the fact that police suspect James Holmes shot the theater in Aurora, Colorado. What do you think about the box office reporting going quiet for the weekend?

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