BOXING: Shane Mosley vs Floyd Mayweather: Face Off Before The Fight

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Floyd Mayweather (L) and Shane Mosley scuffle on stage at their press conference in New York.Well it looks like since we couldn’t get the million dollar mega fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao, Shane Mosley is fired up and ready to take on Mayweather in May.

During their opening day in New York, Mayweather and Mosley has a pre-fight, where they were shoving one another and then stood face to face at the Lincoln Theater the following day. The two fighters are definitely ready for war!

Mosley is confident that he will defeat Mayweather who has made plenty insults towards Mosley.

“I’m just happy this fight is taking place.” “I just want him to show up in the ring. I just want to see him on May 1st and we can settle it with our fists.” Mosley said.

Mosley, age 38 is averaging 46-5 with 39 knockouts. He says he’s been waiting for this fight too long. In fact he’s been waiting to fight against either Mayweather or Paccquiao-whomever accepted first.

While signing autographs and taking pictures, Mayweather made an insulting remark towards Mosley with each signature. Mosley ignored the remarks and said, “I’m going to knock him out. I can’t wait to get into the ring and dig my teeth into Mayweather.” He ended by saying this will be the fight of the decade.

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