Boy George proves himself a washed-up has-been yet again

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Poor, little, self-important, idiot Boy George doesn’t seem to understand that it’s not all about him. During a charity performance for The Meningitis Trust, an audience member was “daring” to have a chat with someone else, and obviously not paying enough attention to the arrogant, old, has-been, while he stunk up the stage.


According to The New York Post, 49-year-old Boy George (born George Alan O’Dowd on June 14, 1961) left a woman in tears due to tipping her drink over her. The boring, old, has-been drag queen was apparently upset about the lady having a conversation during his performance, verbally assaulting her with a slew of profanities, and telling her to shut up.  Other audience members then began walking out on the already-crappy and painfully flat performance in disgust.


What the heck is Boy George thinking?

Is this a case of the damage Boy George has done to his brain with all of those drugs over the years? Or is the washed-up performer just another piece of Primadonna garbage, angry at the world, since nobody cares anymore about the former star?


Seriously, Boy George! Nobody finds you so interesting these days!

Folks weren’t exactly enthralled by the moron’s performance anyway, since the former star wasn’t performing his Culture Club hits, and they had paid to support the charity he was performing for. Watching the video of the performance here, the show seemed to suck enough on it’s own, as it was.


Boy George might do well to lose the clown make-up now.  Dead or Alive was always better anyway.

Back during the 80’s and 90’s, the singer might have been popular enough to allow for such ridiculous behavior. But now, Boy George is just another tired, boring, ridiculous jackass routine. He must have resented the audience not finding him very entertaining.  Boy George is all washed up.

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