Boy Scouts Kill Rabid Beaver

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Boy Scouts are always prepared but was Troop 32 in Elizaville, NY prepared to kill a rabid beaver?

In what sounds like a bad science fiction movie, last Thursday the troop was on a camping trip to the Delaware Water Gap National Park in Pennsylvania.

The troop might have talked about what their next merit badge might be when suddenly their assistant leader felt something biting him. According to MyFoxNY, a beaver was attacking his hands and chest. The animal clung onto the leader and wouldn’t let go even when the troop dragged him to the shore. Not knowing what else to do the scouts killed the rabid animal and then ran to get help.

One can only imagine how these young men killed the critter and what was going through their minds at the time.

Because of the bravery of his troop, the assistant leader is alive and receiving rabies treatment.

The parents of the boy scouts are very proud of their sons and one stated that the boys were “fantastic” and were not traumatized by the incident.

Park officials confirmed that a visitor to the park was bitten by a rabid beaver but wouldn’t give out any more details. No one is sure if any other animals in the park are rabid or not but it might be a good idea for other campers to keep their eyes open.

It looks like residents of the troop’s home town have nothing to fear with Troop 32 around. These boys are prepared for anything that can happen. Maybe a new merit badge will be created for this very brave group of youngsters.

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