Boyfriend of Amber Elkins Charged with Murder

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Amber Elkins, age 20, vanished nearly a week ago from Humble, Texas without a trace. After several days of searching and gathering evidence, investigators have charged her boyfriend with murder. However, Amber Elkins is still missing.

Missing: Amber Elkins, 20 Yrs., Humble, TX, 07/24/11Sources haven’t released all of the details regarding this case, but there has been an arrest in connection to the alleged murder of the missing 20-year old mother. James David Clark, 31, was arrested in a hotel room last night. Police say that he is not being cooperative, and he is not disclosing the location of Amber’s remains.

This is the boyfriend, as previously reported, that the family didn’t know much about. He and Amber Elkins had only been dating for about a month, and nobody really had a chance to get to know him. This makes it all the more confusing and frustrating that he’s been charged in the young woman’s murder. How can someone do this with someone they are dating?

Among the few details about this case, investigators acknowledge that they’ve discovered and compiled enough evidence that led them directly to James David Clark. She was also last seen with the man before her mysterious disappearance. He could have also been the unidentified male who answered Amber’s cellular phone when her mother attempted contact with her on Monday. A man is alleged to have answered Amber’s phone before hanging up on the mother after she asked to speak with her daughter.

It wasn’t long before the Chevy Trailblazer belonging to Amber Elkins was discovered, abandoned. The front passenger side window had been busted — contrary to previous reports of it being the driver’s side window. Blood was present in substantial amounts throughout the entire front of the vehicle. It was immediately apparent that Amber had met foul play.

James David Clark isn’t disclosing the location of her body, and the father of this missing mother just wants him to come clean. He’s already charged with her murder, so why can’t he just extend some kind of compassion to this family and let them know where their loved one is? Sadly, this also comes as a warning to single women everywhere. Although nobody knows what happened between the two of these lovers, it’s certain that something horrible did occur. They had only been dating a month, and sources haven’t shared how they met or whether or not he was part of her circle of friends. This mysterious relationship ended tragically and a family is left with nothing but questions and no answers.

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