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My Facebook page has been inundated with the same question. Why does the word “black” appear as my Facebook status? Bra color Facebook statuses are popping up all over the place on Facebook today!

I received the message from a friend; or maybe it was a friend of a friend. Bra Color Facebook Status requested the ladies to post their Facebook status using one word and one word only: the color of the bra they were presently wearing. In honor of breast cancer sufferers and survivors, the fun was to be a sign of unity for women everywhere.

I promptly posted my color and laughed as I read other bra color Facebook statuses. In fact I learned a bit about my friends and family members as they shared their bra color facebook statuses. A friend I assumed would wear white was actually wearing leopard print! And several of us ladies were supporting the girls with black.

So that’s the scoop, boys and girls. (I know the boys have asked more than the girls have today, and I hope they didn’t feel deliberately excluded!) The bra color Facebook status may be back tomorrow; and who knows? Maybe it will be accompanied by a list of the most popular colors.


Kimberly Ripley is a freelance writer and published author from New Hampshire who has retired her black bra for the evening, but did have it proudly listed as her bra color Facebook status throughout the day. Visit Kim’s site at

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