Brad and Angelina Breakup – Is Brangelina Back To Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

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Brad and Angelina breakup…could it really be true?  Is the golden couple affectionately dubbed Brangelina really going back to being Angelina Jolie and Bratt Pitt?  Let’s check out the latest info about the Brangelina split.

The Composed Gentleman reports there really is a Brad and Angelina breakup!  Apparently the Brangelina split was reported by London News of the World.  It seems the couple is meeting with an attorney to split their assets.  According to a source, “The document was signed in early January.”

Further rumors about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt indicate he wanted her to get psychiatric help.  It seems Angie is suffering from depression since the death of her mom three years ago.

The plot thickens about the Brad and Angelina breakup.  According to Entertainment and Showbiz, Angelina was spotted at the Waldorf Astoria with a tall, dark, handsome man…and it wasn’t Brad. 

Do you think the Brangelina split will really happen?  I wonder if Jennifer Aniston is chuckling right now.  Meanwhile, let’s check out a YouTube clip of Brangelina in Mrs. and Mr. Smith:


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